Bryan Konowitz

Software Engineer - Distributed Systems & CloudOps


My goal is to partner with a company that will allow me to employ my passion for development, offer architectural challenges, and expand my knowledge. I truly love to solve complex problems, while keeping user experience at the forefront of my decisions

Work Experience

Staff-ish Software Engineer

Intuit | 2019 - Present

Originally brought in as the accelerator to design and deliver on a best-in-class Speech and Text Analytics platform, my time at Intuit has covered a wide range of teams and projects. Far too many interesting bits to include in a simple resume, but I’ll put some of the highlights in the bullets below. Currently I oversee two independent teams in separate divisions, guiding multiple initiatives and a unification of disparate APIs.

  • Complete build and release of a high volume, critical usage Speech and Text Analytics Platform. This involved delivering capabilities prior to, and in lock step with AWS (while influencing their designs), cost optimizing, scaling for the ingestion of hundreds of millions of minutes, establishing and mentoring an entirely new team, and deeply engaging with the business units to drive features from the bottom up. This project included many enjoyable challenges, such as designing DDB that supports all access patterns with sub 9ms response times while handling more than 4.5 trillion records, and growing at a rapid rate.
  • Owned designing, developing, and leading the teams responsible for decomissioning multiple vendor products with in-house replacements, recouping multiple seven figure contracts annually.
  • Many presentations and live demos, with audiences including the CTO and CISO. Demonstrations were to present new concepts, POCs, whitepapers, and production deliveries. Also am regularly brought in to speak as a technical authority for projects or clarify direction to gain support of initiatives.
  • Spent a significant amount of time helping to up-level teams in terms of development skill, code quality, and best practices. This includes elevating engineers through their levels and helping them achieve senior or above promotions.
  • Delivered the first iteration of a realtime infrastructure for processing utterances, enriching with ML, and bringing insights full circle to the end-users. Expanded on this POC to architect a complete, extensible, platform level solve.

Lead Architect & Developer, Techinical Advisor

bSpot | 2013 - 2020

Joined very early in the life of the company, providing key architectural direction and extensive hands-on code implementation.

  • Built an immutable infrastructure and deployment process around integrating Docker, Chef, Consul, AWS EC2 and self-built tooling; took the process of deploying independent services from several hours each, to ~10 - 15 minutes
  • Architected and implemented a Ruby and Scala based SOA, utilizing RabbitMQ, Protobuf, and Akka clustering
  • Designed and developed a complete authentication and authorization system for security from endpoint through internal services; integrated a multi-prong approach based on being an OAuth2 provider and heavily utilizing the JWT specification
  • Developed frameworks for rapid and consistent development of Rails based apis and actor based Scala microservices; utilized the same frameworks for end to end feature implementation


Quantus | 2012 - 2013

After working through the company in a consulting capacity, I switched into a CTO role to drive growth of the consulting arm while simultaneously delivering a pivot to product development.

  • Architected and prototyped multiple flagship products focused on enterprises; exposing legacy systems as real-time streams (Node.js) & advanced behavior tracking tied to advertising (Scala)
  • Curated existing client relationships and helped establish new ones to assist in driving the company to its first $10M in revenue
  • Participated in developing and presenting funding pitches for investors and conferences
  • Built and managed a team of direct employees and contractors split across consulting contracts and product development

Lead Architect & Developer, Consultant

MGM Resorts International | 2011 - 2012

  • Architected a multi-property one-to-one marketing initiative encompassing several dozen customer touch points and numerous disparate backend systems
  • Took over and successfully deployed a failing multi-million dollar web development project
  • Architected and lead development on a SOA based implementation of, a centralized multi-property player rewards system & booking engine
  • Lead the development of an integrated customer experience application for replacing multiple simultaneous systems used by reservations agents; built around a custom Coffeescript SPA & a Jersey (Java) REST interface

Senior Enterprise Architect

Pinnacle Entertainment | 2010 - 2011

  • Working with a third party creative agency, drove the successful delivery of a new multi-property booking engine, and redevelopment of existing property websites
  • Hand-rolled a modern web standards service layer for casino management systems, that passed full penetration testing and security approval by GLI on its first submission (C#, ASP.NET MVC)
  • Implemented the first regulatory approved online address change system for a casino company in MO
  • Took over implementation and new development of a company wide Campaign Management System; developed features and performed onsite training for marketing department users

Senior Enterprise Architect

ACEP LLC | 2008 - 2010

  • Architected the user experience and oversaw development of multiple flagship websites
  • Optimized websites for SEO and performance, specifically applying sophisticated scaling techniques during times of national news coverage such as “CNN”, “The Today Show”, and “Gizmodo”
  • Architected and implemented both back and front-end systems relating to an aggregated, multi-property tiered player card system; included development of player kiosk software, storage and message passing systems, player portal website, and internal tooling for reporting and administration
  • Designed a data loss prevention (DLP) system utilizing available licensed software to prevent introducing an additional 220k license agreement


Solved By Code | < 2009

Older contract and position details available on request.